Preventative Maintenance MATTERS.

As a homeowner, we’re guessing you’re probably pretty busy – Owning a home is a big responsibility and it means managing a lot of different things! One of the most important of those things is your home’s HVAC system. Your HVAC system is both the heating and cooling equipment that help keep your home comfortable as the seasons change. Without them, things would get pretty uncomfortable pretty fast. That’s why A/C Masters wants to ensure that you know just how valuable preventative maintenance can be. 

On average, homeowners should get their HVAC system checked twice a year. We recommend scheduling one maintenance visit during the cooling season in Spring and Summer and another during the heating season in the late Fall or Winter. Separating routine maintenance by season will help ensure your system runs both heating and A/C with no hiccups! It’s just like the preventative maintenance you do for yourself when you go to the doctor’s office for check-ups!

Regardless of whether it’s a single-season check-up, or an annual service agreement, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor when you have a certified A/C Masters technician give your system a once-over. Making sure your system is running effectively can help you save energy and money while also making it less likely your system will break down by catching and preventing minor repairs whenever possible. Small problems that get ignored can and will become larger and more expensive ones. With preventive maintenance, these problems can be caught early and fixed so that they don’t cost you as much in the long run. 

A/C Masters is a leader in the HVAC industry and we have tons of experience. Our technicians are knowledgeable and passionate about helping you stay comfortable in your home. When you’re ready to schedule your preventive maintenance check-up give us a call at (757) 847-5252.

Check out this quick video explaining just how important seasonal preventive maintenance is for the health of your HVAC system!

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