5 Ways to Tell Your HVAC Isn’t Running Efficiently

As homeowners we want the systems in our homes to run efficiently all of the time. When systems like your HVAC don’t work efficiently they can cause a lot of disruptions. An inefficient HVAC unit will likely cost more, be prone to damage and be more of a distraction to you. Not to mention that if your HVAC isn’t running efficiently then it may shorten its lifespan, creating a need for more repairs. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 ways you can determine whether your HVAC is working efficiently or not. 

  • Your Energy Bills are High
    • If you find that your energy bills are higher than normal then you may have a problem. Your energy bill should stay relatively consistent from month to month if your HVAC is working efficiently. If you find that you have a large spike in your bill then this may indicate that your HVAC is working overtime. This often occurs with older HVAC units that have to work harder to heat/cool the home, requiring more electricity and in turn raising your bill. A bill that is high is a big sign that your HVAC isn’t running as it should be.
  • You’re Always Calling for HVAC Repairs 
    • This one’s a little obvious but if you find yourself becoming best friends with your HVAC technicians then your unit is probably working inefficiently. An HVAC unit that requires constant maintenance and repairs is an indication that it’s working too hard. Some signs that your HVAC needs repairs are strange noises and smells coming from the unit.
  • Your Current HVAC Unit is 10+ Years Old
    • If your HVAC is more than 10 years old then it may not working at its highest efficiency unless you’ve been REALLY good about maintenance over the years. Older units have likely gone through a lot of wear and tear which degrades the system. Not only does wear and tear make it less efficient, but just the fact that it was made before some of the technological advancements we now enjoy means it probably doesn’t work as efficiently as it could. HVAC units are simply made to be more efficient now and that means your old unit just can’t compare. Consider upgrading to a new unit to get things running smoothly again! 
  • The Temperatures Are Different in Different Areas of the Home 
    • If your HVAC is working efficiently then your home will maintain the same temperature throughout. For example, when the AC is on you should find that your entire home is the same comfortable cool. When your HVAC isn’t working efficiently then temperatures will likely vary. This problem may be a sign that your unit is near the end of its lifespan. 
  • Check the Unit and Take Care of it 
    • One of the best ways to determine whether your HVAC unit is efficient or not is to keep an eye on it. Keeping up with regular maintenance, cleaning the air ducts, and changing filters regularly are important steps. Completing tasks like these frequently will make it obvious when something is not working properly. It will also help to keep your system in good shape. 

We hope that these signs will help you determine whether your HVAC is working efficiently or not. If you find that your system is old and not working properly then give A/C Masters a call. Our team of talented technicians will be happy to come out and help! We can make a recommendation on your next HAVC unit and get it installed properly, too. Visit our website at acmasters.com or call us at (757) 898-2894

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