Vent Covers: What You Need to Know

Vent covers are rarely at the forefront of our minds when we think about our heating and air conditioning units.  Usually, these covers are either hidden by furniture, on the floor, or camouflaged into the floor itself; or they are on the ceiling, mostly out of sight and out of mind. As unsightly as they can be, vent covers serve … Read More

A Guide to HVAC Unit Types & Sizes

If you’re a homeowner, especially a new one, it’s important to know what kind of HVAC system you have and what the right sized unit is for your home. If the time comes that your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, it would be helpful to have an idea of your home’s specific needs. As a responsible homeowner, you … Read More

4 Ways Homeowners Cause their AC to Break Down

During the Virginia summer, your air conditioner works hard to make your home an oasis from the scorching heat and sweltering humidity. That being said, the last thing you or your family wants is for that oh-so-important piece of machinery to break down on a hot and humid summer day. However, if you aren’t careful, you may be doing some … Read More

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

As spring approaches, and allergies from pollen set in, you might be looking for some ways to keep your home a safe haven from irritants that can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, asthma attacks, allergies, and other health problems. Pollutants like dust, pollen, or mold spores not only make you miserable, they can also shorten your HVAC system’s life and lower … Read More

6 Reasons to Schedule an A/C Tune-Up this Spring

Spring is almost here and the warm weather is upon us. We’re looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunny days. We’re also looking forward to completing projects around the house that might have been put off over the winter. Now is the time to start thinking about your air conditioning before the heat of summer is here. Spring is the … Read More

Preparing Your HVAC System for the Season Ahead

With the cold weather outside, it’s hard to think about warmer days ahead. But it’s almost time to spring into action and prepare for the warm temperatures that will soon greet us. Spring is the season to prepare your HVAC system for warm temperatures and to pay close attention to the air quality inside your home, because along with the … Read More

Benefits of a Central Humidifier

The presence of dry air in your home becomes very apparent during the winter season when outdoor air humidity drops. Dry air is uncomfortable; along with dry skin, it can cause or aggravate respiratory problems and increase allergy symptoms. Dry air in your home can also do more than effect living things, it can draw moisture out of porous materials … Read More

Common Heating Issues

As cold temperatures set in and running your heating system is part of your daily routine, you may find that the system isn’t working like you remember or as well as you would like it to. As temperatures continue to drop, now is the worst time to be without heat in your home! Here are some common issues that you … Read More

Space Heater Safety

It’s time to break out the space heater! We are in that in between weather where some of us aren’t quite ready to turn on the heat. Some days are a little warmer than others so all we need is a little extra warmth from a space heater. While these great appliances help keep us nice and cozy, they can … Read More

The Most Efficient Air Conditioner

“Groundbreaking energy efficiency, industry-defining innovation, and maximum home comfort,” is what Carrier has brought to the HVAC world with their newest A/C system. The Carrier 9,000 BTU is a single ductless system that is rated at 42 SEER and 15 HSPF, making it the most efficient air conditioner you can buy in America. For years, the HVAC industry has grappled … Read More