How to Fight Spring Allergy Season with your HVAC

Millions of Americans struggle in the spring and fall when allergy season is at its peak. You might be one of these millions, so how can you use your HVAC system to help fight back against allergy season? 

Your HVAC system can help you to filter out allergens if it’s properly taken care of. Understanding your HVAC system and how it should be cared for will ensure that you keep outdoor allergens out of your home.

Schedule Maintenance

One of the first things you should do is schedule your cooling maintenance! Having a professional HVAC technician come out to your home to ensure that everything is working properly is highly beneficial. This will not only leave you with less stress but will make sure that your AC is ready to work hard this summer keeping you cool and keeping the allergens out.

Change your filters

The filters in your home and HVAC system should be changed often; especially as the seasons change. Replacing old filters means that you’re not pushing dirty air throughout your home. Fresh filters will be ready to catch all of those spring allergens, pollen, dust, and pet hair. We recommend that your filters be changed about once a month. A great tip is to set a reminder on your phone or on your calendar to change the filters on the same date so that you don’t forget.

Vacuum & Dust Regularly 

Vacuuming around your home will help you remove allergens and pet hair that your filter may not capture. It’s also likely that your pet’s fur brings in a lot of spring allergens after going outside, so make sure to vacuum behind them.  Dusting is another often overlooked way to remove allergens and dirt from your home, which means you and your family can breathe a little easier while enjoying your A/C. If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your HVAC in good shape with pets check out our blog.

Consider a UV light or Air Scrubber

A UV light or Air Scrubber is a device that is installed into your HVAC system to help clean your air. It works by using ultraviolet light to deactivate any bacteria or pollen while also eliminating odors within your home. This same technology also works on many common microbes and bacteria, which can be doubly important as we make our way out of the ongoing epidemic.

Fighting allergies outside of your home is annoying, that’s why when you’re in the comfort of your home you shouldn’t have to worry. A/C Masters is knowledgeable and experienced in the HVAC industry and we’re happy to help you! For more information, questions, or to schedule an appointment give us a call! (757) 847-5252

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