How To Heat Without Blasting The Heat

We all want to stay warm in our homes during the winter but blasting the heat, or really, even turning it up just a few degrees can increase our monthly bill more than we would like. The good thing is there are ways to keep your home warm without turning the thermostat way up. Here is how.

  1. Use Caulk. If you apply this around your windows to seal off any cracks or leaks it can help the cold air stay outside and the warm heat stay inside.
  2. Use Your Curtains. If it is sunny out open the curtains and let the natural warmth in. When the sun goes down, close your curtains so the heat doesn’t escape back out the way it came in.
  3. Use Rugs. If you have hardwood floors put rugs down, this not only keeps the heat from breaking out through your floorboards but they are also much warmer to walk on.
  4. Use The Shower Steam. When you shower, keep the door open. This way the hot steam from your shower will travel throughout your home.
  5. Use A Fireplace Plug. Nearly 20% of our heat can escape through leaks from a loose or rusty fireplace damper. Use this to plug up your fireplace and keep your heat inside.
  6. Add Installation. This can cost you a little more upfront but adding installation to your walls or attic can save you drastically on your monthly bills and it keeps the heat inside.
  7. Use Hot Water Bottles. At bedtime fill water bottles with boiling hot water and place them under the covers at the foot of your bed. This really helps to keep you warm at night.
  8. Use The Oven Door. When you are done cooking turn the oven off but leave the door open. This will help keep your kitchen nice and warm.
  9. Use A DraftStopper. If you place these on the inside of your doors at the bottom it helps fill in the gap between your door and the floor keeping the cold air out. You can buy them or even make your own by just putting a towel or blanket down.
  10. Close Off Rooms. The bigger your home the more it is to heat but if you have rooms that aren’t being used like guest rooms or storage rooms then close the doors and use a draftstopper. No use heating a room your not using.
  11. Use Your Ceiling Fan. During the winter reverse your ceiling fan direction so instead of it going counterclockwise to push air down and create a draft, it will now pull air up to mix with the rising heat so when it comes back down it is warmer.
  12. Use Flannel Sheets. Thicker sheets and a thicker comforter will keep you much warmer throughout the night.
  13. Bundle Up. Last but not least bundle up in warm comfy clothes so you can stay nice and toasty.

Don’t hesitate to call A/C Master if you have any questions about your heating system!


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