Do You Smell What I Smell?

Have you ever turned on your heater after a long break of not using it and realized an odor? What is that smell? Where does it come from? The answer… it is burnt dust. When you do not use your heater for a long period of time dust beings to gather in the air ducts and on the heat exchanger, so when you turn it on for the first time say, this winter, it is normal for the dust to burn and for you to smell that smell without having to worry. However, what about all those other smells that could be coming from your vents?

I Smell Smoke… This is not good and typically a sign of big trouble somewhere in the mechanical or electrical area of the heater. What do you do? Turn the system off so that it completely shuts down and call your local HVAC company immediately. While they are on the way you can check your outside condenser and if you smell anything smokey make sure not to turn your system back on until your technician gets there.

I Smell Cigarette Smoke… Smoking inside your house is never a good idea but did you know that it is also very unhealthy for everyone in your household? Smoking in your home allows the tobacco smoke to get into your HVAC system and then it is continuously circulated throughout your home. Not only is this bad for you and your family’s health but, if you are planning to sell your home this is a huge turn off to most potential home buyers. What do you do? Have your technician clean the duct work and coils which will help reduce the smell. 

I Smell Mold and Mildew… Lack of installation, leaky ducts, and blocked drainage tubes are a few examples as to why you may be smelling this smell. If you do smell this musty scent coming from your vents it needs to be addressed as soon as possible because worst case, the mold and mildew will continue to spread throughout your home.

The Good News… These problems can be caught and/or prevented with your regular scheduled maintenance check ups.

If you are experiencing any of these smells or if you are due for your routine maintenance don’t hesitate to call A/C Masters!


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