What is NATE Certification?

The Importance of Your HVAC Technician being NATE Certified:

Most homeowners never heard of NATE Certification (North American Technician Excellence) or do not understand the importance of their HVAC technician being NATE certified.  The training and knowledge of an HVAC technician can greatly impact the reliability of performed work.

NATE certified technicians possess a higher level of training with continuous recertification exams to stay above and beyond the HVACR industry which is constantly changing.  With new SEER requirements, new refrigerants, new codes and new standards it is important to maintain NATE certification to keep updated on new technology.

NATE certified technicians will have the expertise to properly handle your HVAC equipment and ensure that your HVAC premises is safe.  It is vital for a HVAC technician to understand your equipment and safety to the fullest to help you avoid the costly mistakes and problems that can arise.

Unlike other third party certification programs that offer exams with high passing rates, NATE certification exams have low passing rates which ensures customers that they are receiving the highest level of training on their HVAC system.  That means your NATE certified HVAC technician is an elite expert that you can depend on.

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