Protecting Your Outdoor Unit Throughout the Seasons

Outdoor units are an essential part of your central air conditioning system. You may be wondering how to protect your system through the seasons. After all, Virginia can often have rain, snow, and sunshine in the span of one week. We have some tips on how you can keep your unit in good condition throughout the year.

  • Winter: accumulating snow, falling ice, and dripping water are dangerous to your unit.
    • Cover your unit: use breathable material, place plywood over-top, install an awning, or build your own cover that provides protection. 
    • Beware of commercially made plastic covers. While they keep out the elements, they also keep in condensation that contributes to rust or mold. 
  • Spring: Flooding and direct sunlight can cause issues.
    • Make sure your unit is lifted off of the ground and ensure that water has a place to go away from the unit.
    • Try to keep your unit shaded using an awning.
    • Clean your coils to remove any dust, dirt, or other build-up that could have gotten into your system.
    • Start preventative maintenance. Run a test on your unit and schedule your seasonal service visit with A/C Masters. 
  • Summer: Plants, over usage, and summer storms bring trouble.
    • Keep plants such as bushes or shrubs at least 3 feet away from your unit.
    • Use a programmable thermostat to keep your system on a schedule. Avoid setting the temperature extremely low.
    • Watch the weather. If a storm is approaching, clear out your yard to keep any flying debris from damaging your system. Cut off the power to your unit to avoid any issues with the circuit breaker. 
  • Fall: Falling leaves are problematic. 
    • If you have trees near your unit, periodically check your unit for any leaves that could have fallen inside.
    • Spray down your unit after disconnecting the power to remove any dirt, dust, or pollen build-up from the spring and summer.
    • Consider building a cover/awning/or get your plywood ready to put over the unit for the winter.
    • Schedule your preventative maintenance check-up. A professional will help you be sure that your system is ready to be down for the winter.

Now that you have a better idea of how to protect your system throughout the year, call A/C Masters at 757-898-2894 for any questions you may have or to join our Seasonal Service Agreements.

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