How Does Your Garden Grow?

A summer garden can be the perfect backdrop to a family barbeque, or a new crop of fresh veggies for salads whenever you want! But the heat can also get overwhelming, and ramp up the cost of your A/C bill. But those beautiful fresh greens and your fancy garden can also help or hurt your A/C bill. Here’s how to keep a cool price for a cool home.

1.Throw in some shade: trees and bushed can not only protect your home from wind and sun, but they can lessen the amount of rain and cold that come with summer storms. Keeping a shaded home can keep your inside temperature more level.

2.Trim the Trees: Clear your A/C outdoor unit cleared of twigs, leaves, branches, and gardening equipment. If the airflow is blocked, efficiency drops. Surrounding the unit with fencing or plants to block out other items that may block the circulation can help to keep the unit functioning properly.

3.How Green does your Roof Garden Grow? Green roofs create shade, but will also cool the air inside your home by a process called “evapotranspiration.” Green roofs also double as insulation in winter. A longer term investment, the new roof will greatly lower your A/C bills.

4. Get Stoned: lining the base of the outdoor unit with crushed stones is the best bet. It will keep dirt and rain away, keep your own shoes clean, and helps keep the unit level for better drainage during rain.

All of these tricks can help your home stay cool this summer. You’ll be saving green by going green! Be sure to routinely check your outdoor HVAC unit after windy days and storm for damage or leftover foliage. Anything blocking the unit can cause issues. If there is anything unresolved, just contact a qualified A/C Master!

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