Cool as a Cucumber

Summer sometimes means experiencing problems with your A/C unit, whether maintenance issues has knocked out your power or hurricane season has forced you to reset all your clocks. You’re stuck in the blazing heat for what seems like forever. We’ve come up with a few unexpected, but useful ways of keeping cool when your A/C is out of commission!

1. Freezer burn – Wrap your bed sheets in a plastic bag and stick your bed-sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. This won’t keep you cool all night, but you will cool off quick! If making your whole bed all over again seems like a chore, use your pillowcase and top sheet only.

2. Mist away – Place a shallow pan or bowl full of ice in front of a fan, the breeze will create a cool mist as the ice melts.

3. Lone wolf – We all know that cuddling with your partner all night, every night, is something we only see in movies…kick them to the other side of the bed so your bodies aren’t creating a lot of excess heat. Then make them breakfast to ensure the warm fuzzies do not completely fade.

4. Hang out – Why sit on an uncomfortable cotton couch when you can set up a fake bed! #NetflixandChill isn’t as good as #HammockandChill. The suspension increases airflow around you, and there is less material to make you sweat.

5. Curtains 2.0 – Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window, the breeze from outside will cool the whole room down. Wet the sheet with air freshener to add a relaxing scent.

6. Dunkin’ isn’t just for Donuts – Dunk your feet in cold water to cool down your whole body. Pressure points in the feet will affect your body temperature as a whole.

7. Camp Casa – Find a safe space in your backyard to pitch a tent and practice those camping skills, a summer night’s breeze will help you sleep through the night.

8. Spread Eagle – A whole bed to yourself? Purchase a King-sized bed and stretch out while sleeping to let air circulate around the body, make use of all the empty space.

9. Grain Therapy – Fill that lonely unmatched sock with rice, tie it off and stick it in the freezer for an hour. The makeshift ice pack will keep you cool for about 30 minutes

These tips are sure to get you through at least a night without your A/C unit. Perform regular maintenance on your unit and think about investing in a generator this summer. Call A/C Masters for your A/C needs.

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