A/C Playlist

It can be tough work as an A/C Master. But if you crank up the right tunes, you can crank out the best workmanship. Here’s the inside scoop on the best songs for HVAC work:

Uptown Funk: Too hot, hot damn indeed. Man, that summer heat can get rough. We all know we love our A/C more than our puppies when it hits 90.


Hot N Cold: That’s what a broken A/C feels like. Trying to decide if you need a blanket or not at night can be extremely difficult when the temperature changes from 60 to 82 every hour.


Hot In Herre: There’s no kind of motivation for doing fast and quality work on your HVAC unit like the heat you face before it works again.


Ice Ice Baby: Before a service call with a team, we all stop, collaborate and listen.


Sweater Weather: It’s too cold for you here. Seriously. Even just 2 degrees higher can save you tons on your A/C bills! Cuddling up in blankets (and sweaters) is nice, and maybe the cold never bothered you anyway, but Let It Go! (Yeah, we all still listen to Disney music)

(Guilty Pleasure)

Hot Blooded: 1 week of broken A/C. Need we say more?


Baby, It’s Cold Outside: In the middle of July on a service call, we really wish it was!


Turn Down for What: If you turn down the A/C a few degrees your puppy Lil Jon won’t be so hot this July!!


No Air: Literally an A/C Master’s worst nightmare.


In the Air Tonight: Well, it’s our job to make sure you actually have air tonight. Also, a clean filter will make sure there isn’t anything you don’t want in the air tonight.


Work Hard, Play Hard: We love our job! We love our clients! This is pretty much our mantra!


Takin’ Care of Business: This is our other mantra. Get the job done RIGHT. We want to solve the problems you need help with, and solve them FAST! If your train’s on time you can get to work by 9, then we’ll get there by 8:30 to fix your unit before you leave.

It’s our mission to make sure you have the best summer and make sure that A/C doesn’t act too out of control. So all we have to do is plug in, listen to our favorites, and fix your unit just like we know how to! Now you know the secret to a proper A/C Masters jam sesh!

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