Does Your Home Need a Duct Cleaning?

Part of your HVAC system is your air ducts, this piece is often located in the walls and ceiling of your home. Typically homeowners forget about this part of their HVAC, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty. As a homeowner how can you determine whether your air ducts need to be cleaned or not? We’ll discuss that today! 

The Basics 

Residential air ducts are often two separate systems — supply ducts and return ducts. The supply ducts carry the fresh cooled/heated air into your home, while the return ducts take old used air back to your HVAC system to be cooled/heated. The air ducts in your home are typically routed through spaces like the attic or crawl space. These longer pieces then connect to branches that take the air to each individual room. These ducts work hard to supply and remove air from your home which means they can get dirty. 

Should I Clean Them? 

This isn’t a simple yes or no question, there are actually a few factors that play into whether or not your ducts should get cleaned. While you could clean your air ducts regularly most people prefer to get them cleaned only if there’s a concern found. Here are some key warning signs that it’s time for an air duct cleaning. 

  • If you find any mold growing into your ducts or in any other areas of your HVAC system. Special note that you should have only an expert determine if there is mold growth in your HVAC system. 
  • If you insulated air ducts and the insulation is wet then this creates a great environment for mold to grow. If this is the case then all of the insulation will need to be replaced. 
  • If your ducts have vermin living inside (i.e. insects or rodents) 
  • If the ducts are clogged with a lot of dust and debris which is then entering into your home. 

While some of these warning signs aren’t dire issues they should be corrected when found. Not cleaning your ducts can lead to recurring issues. It’s best to call a professional and get your ducts cleaned should any of the above issues be identified. 

A/C Masters is here to help with all of your HVAC needs. Our experts are happy to come out and perform an inspection of your HVAC system. For example, doing a seasonal inspection will likely help identify any issues with your air ducts. Remember that being proactive is always the best choice. Keep your home and family happy and healthy! Give A/C Masters a call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions — (757) 847-5252. 

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