Why is my HVAC so Loud? The Answers you Need

Do you ever find yourself relaxing at home maybe enjoying some dinner with your family after a long day of work? When wait a second…what is that loud sound you hear? You didn’t think anything was wrong with your home so what’s going on? One possible cause of this noise is your HVAC. Rattling, buzzing, squeaking, and screeching can all be possible signs that your HVAC is going through some trouble. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why your HVAC is loud and what you can do to prevent this from happening (again). 

What causes my HVAC to be so loud? 

The truth is there may be a lot of reasons your HVAC is making noises. In fact, sometimes the noises themselves can even indicate what specific problems may be occurring. We’ll take a look at a few typical sounds you may hear and what exactly is causing them. The first sound is a buzzing sound which is one of the most common because it can indicate several issues. There may be an issue with debris around the outside unit, you may need a filter change, or your outdoor unit may be on uneven ground. There may also be more serious issues like the blower fan failing and outdoor fan blades being loose. The second common sound you’ll hear is humming which typically indicates some kind of electrical failure. AKA if you hear humming from your HVAC you should have a professional out as soon as possible (electrical issues are no joke and can be dangerous). The third sound you may hear is whistling which will likely indicate refrigerant leaking or high pressure within the compressor. Both of these issues require immediate addressing as they are extremely dangerous. 

What can you do to avoid these sounds? 

The most important thing to note is that if you’re dealing with any of these sounds call your HVAC professional out. Especially if the sound is whistling or humming which as we mentioned typically indicates some serious concerns. A/C Masters offers 24/7 emergency service for situations like these so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family. Call (757) 847-5252 for 24/7 emergency assistance. If the situation isn’t as serious then we recommend you do an inspection of your units yourself. Checking for things like uneven ground, debris, and dirty filters is relatively easy and may even be fixable by you. Should you need further assistance schedule maintenance with a professional. This leads us to another tip which is to do your annual maintenance. Here at A/C Masters, we recommend you do seasonal maintenance, twice a year, to ensure your system is functioning at its best. Maintenance can help catch any warning signs and can prevent future stress for you and your HVAC system. 

A/C Masters is here for you and your HVAC. Call (757) 847-5252 for assistance or to schedule your seasonal maintenance appointment! 

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