Ways To Save- Are They Myths or Not?

One of many things every homeowner has in common is that they want to do anything they can to save money. Especially when it comes to winter and their heating bill. Yes, there are many ways to save by winterizing your home and upgrading your HVAC, but there are also many myths when it comes to this great debate as well.  Make sure you are not chasing and implementing fruitless and impractical ideas. Below are some counterproductive myths to avoid.

  1. Drastically turning up the thermostat for quicker warmth. If you are home and you are chilled, most think they should turn the thermostat up to a couple of degrees above their preferred temperature so that the house heats up faster. Actually, once the house hits your desired temperature, the the temperature will continue to increase and you will be using and paying for heat you really do not want or need, unless you remember to turn it back down.
  2. A traditional wood-burning fire place is your way to save. We all love to sit around a fire place on a cold evening, however, it is not something that will actually keep your home warm. These traditional fire places that sit back in the wall can actually pull heat up and out of the chimney, therefore, doing the opposite of what you think. You can get a free standing wood stove which is made for efficiency verses being ascetically pleasing and that could actually help you save, especially if you have an inexpensive wood source.
  3. Saving extra by using space heaters. It has been said that you can save money by turning down your furnace and using space heaters. False. The problem being that space heaters are no where near as efficient as your actual furnace or boiler. Typically your furnace is gas ran, therefore that will be less expensive to run then plugging in multiple a space heaters. A space heater can be beneficial and save you money if you are looking to warm up just one room and keeping the thermostat lower throughout the house, that is an instance where a space heater can save you money. But, those who do it to heat up the whole house are wrongly mistaken.
  4. Not winterizing your house because it is to much money. Some may not have the money available to fully winterize and do large projects but there are still a few small, inexpensive things you can do to help you save in the winter. Even if you are not replacing windows or adding a ton of installation, you can still simply change the weather strips around your doors and windows which actually can save you quite a bit. In addition, caulking any holes in your windows, doors, or roof and getting thick heavy curtains are a couple more easy ways to make sure you are saving.
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