Lower Heating Costs for Winter

Typically during the winter months, energy costs will increase as you try and stay warm. That doesn’t always have to be the case though! We have provided some five easy tips below that either yourself or an A/C Masters technician can perform to help keep you warm in the winter, while also not breaking the bank.

  • Always replace air filters at the beginning of the heating season, and be sure to check your filters on a monthly basis during the winter months. Regularly check them monthly throughout the winter months. Dirty filters should be replaced to prevent equipment from working harder, which results in energy waste and possible internal damage.
  • Remove clutter from around the furnace. Items stored near the furnace are a fire hazard. They may also obstruct combustion air supply. This could cause incomplete combustion and the production of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Occasionally check the chimney and flue pipe connections for tightness, blockages or loose connections. If you think they need to be cleaned or repaired, call A/C Masters.
  • Listen for unfamiliar & loud noises. By setting the thermostat higher than room temperature listen for new or unfamiliar sounds. Damaged burners can produce these noises.
  • It’s also important to have an A/C Masters technician check your furnace annually. There are several items they inspect making sure that your furnace is functioning properly. They can also provide information about low-cost, preventative maintenance agreements.

While all the tips above relate directly to your heating unit the next four tips below are simple and effective measures that you can perform while using any heating system.

  • Bundle up! Keep the house a few degrees cooler by wearing warmer clothes inside.
  • Turn the heat down when no one is home. Turning it down to 60-65 while you’re away saves money and you are not heating an empty house.
  • After cooking dinner with the oven, leave a small crack in the door and allow heat to warm your kitchen.
  • Replace weather stripping around windows and doors. Seals around your doors and windows deteriorate over time.

What do you think of the tips? Have any more that we left out? Let us know down below in the comments. We would love to hear back. Remember, if there is problem or you suspect something is amiss, give A/C Masters a call and we can help sort out the issue in no time.

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