Lower Energy Bill – Broken Applicances

Lower Energy Bills – Broken Appliances

Fighting high energy costs and can’t find the source? The problem may lie in your household appliances. In addition to HVAC systems, household appliances account for the majority of the energy used in the average home. What’s more, household appliances that are either failing or working improperly, can consume especially high amounts of power and waste energy due to improper operation. Now, let’s look at a few of the guilty appliances that may push your energy bill higher than it should be.


Your refrigerator is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your home because runs at almost all times of the day. If there is a problem with your fridge’s ability to cool efficiently, it will draw more power to compensate for it. Keep an eye out for faulty lining around the door. If the doors to your fridge/freezer are not sealed properly, cool air can escape and make your appliance work harder than it should. Another major problem can be your refrigerator’s compressor motor, which is controlled by thermostat and keeps the refrigerator running at the correct temperature. Mechanical failures or problems in either of these key components can prevent your appliance’s interior from staying cool and can lead to greater energy consumption.


Your dryer is another big consumer of energy in your home. Among appliances which frequently cause problems, a dryer can be one of the bigger energy wasters. Check the vents for blockage as this makes it harder for the unit to function properly. If you frequently need to run the dryer longer in order to dry your clothes, there may be a problem with the dryer’s heating elements which can, you guessed it, use more power.

Washing Machine

A washing machine that runs for long periods, doesn’t stop running, or doesn’t drain properly can result in both higher water and electricity bills. Consumers are generally recommended to purchase front loaded washers rather than top loaded, as front loaded washers will use less water and use that water more effectively than a top loaded unit.

Broken and failing appliances can be a major burden both for you and your utility bills, and it is important to act quickly in order to minimize the resulting costs. If you think your appliances are failing, or you have seen an unusual uptick in you electrical consumption, contact a licensed electrician. If you believe this uptick might coincide with your home’s heating or air conditioning use, call A/C Masters. Call today for an appointment, and have one of our licensed service technicians help you identify ways to maximize your home’s comfort this holiday season without increasing your energy costs.

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