HVAC Maintenance Agreements: How You Can Protect Your Investments

It’s no secret that regular maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC system, but did you also know just how much money it can save you over the life of your machine? You have probably seen the words “maintenance agreement” on the websites of countless HVAC contractors while searching for the best bang for your buck. You might have also shied away from the idea of signing a contract that includes annual payments in addition to all the other expenses involved in owning a home.

With that in mind, we’re here to tell you exactly what a maintenance agreement is and hopefully give you a better idea of just how beneficial it can be to you and your family.

What Is A Maintenance Agreement, Anyway? 

Typically speaking, an HVAC maintenance agreement is a contract that ensures your HVAC system is regularly serviced. They might go by other names such as “service agreements” and “comfort plans;” however, they are basically the same thing in spite of the omission of the word “contract.” These agreements fulfill two primary purposes: 

  • First, they ensure that your system is fully functioning and prepared to perform during both the cooling and heating seasons. 
  • Second, that malfunctioning and detrimental parts or conditions are identified and addressed before they can negatively affect the performance of your system.

Depending on the company, there may be various levels or processes for each type of service plan. Typically, these plans also include some additional incentives as well such as priority service or preferred pricing on eligible repairs, and they are priced to cover the expected costs to be incurred by sending a technician out. Manufacturers also recommend that an HVAC system be serviced twice a year during both the heating and cooling modes, and most HVAC contractors have tailored their plans accordingly.  Though these costs may seem high at first, the value that this kind of attention can bring will become more and more apparent as the years go by. 

How Does It Benefit You? 

Your heating and air conditioning system is a vital part of your home comfort, which means that its performance year after year directly effects multiple aspects of your home. An A/C that can’t keep up when the temperature soars makes a house feel stuffy and uninviting. A system that continually cycles on and off or has to work extra hard can significantly add you your electricity bill, especially during the hotter summer months when you’re A/C normally accounts for a substantial portion of your energy expenditure. When a system isn’t maintained it adds to the stress from normal wear and tear, making your system more likely to fail more often. And then there are the harder to qualify costs and frustrations associated with scheduling costly and (occasionally) inconvenient repairs.

However, when you have your system routinely and thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional, you’ll be able to minimize or even completely avoid many of these types of issues. Routine maintenance can also provide other benefits including:

  • Extending the operating life of your system 
  • Reducing downtime and the chances of failure during the hottest and coldest months.
  • Prevention of performance loss due to wear and tear.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Maintaining and providing documentation for all active parts and labor warranties. 

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy, not mention the priority service and discounts that come included with you’re A/C Masters service agreement.

Is It Really Necessary? 

While it is possible that your heating and air conditioning system will continue to function normally for years without routine maintenance, the benefits that this kind of care and attention can bring well outweigh the costs involved. Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home and family comfortable, and it’s really only a matter of time before that use begins to take a toll on your system’s performance. So why wait until the costs become unbearable? Be proactive and prevent the expense and pain of a costly and inconvenient major repair at the worst possible time. Your home (and your wallet) will be all the better for it.

If you have questions about our HVAC maintenance agreement, or if you would like more information, please give us a call at (757) 898-2894 or go online to schedule your next service request. You comfort comes first in all that we do. Call or click today!

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