Ways to Lower Your Home’s Humidity in the Summer

The summer temperatures are creeping up which means the humidity is coming too. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being hot and humid in your home, the place where you’re supposed to be most comfortable. AC Masters is here with a list of ways that you can keep your home less humid this summer. 

Ways to Lower Humidity 

  • Take preventative measures — one great way to prevent your house from getting too humid is to line your crawl space. If you have a crawl space that has a dirt floor, it’s best to cover it with a polyethylene ground cover. Before you cover the ground make sure that it’s dry and that there’s no standing water.
  • Grow Plants — some indoor plants LOVE the humidity and will help to absorb it from the air. Some great plants for this are pothos, Aloe plants, Bird’s Nest Ferns, and Bamboo. Not only will plants help soak up the humidity but they’ll also clean the air and remove carbon dioxide. Plus they make pretty house decorations! 
  • Take colder, shorter showers — understandably hot showers are super relaxing, but if you can take a cold, short shower you’ll lower the amount of humidity in your home. 
  • Use a dehumidifier — A portable dehumidifier will do the trick here! However, you can also purchase a whole-home dehumidifier so that your home can stay comfortable all the time. For more about dehumidifiers, you can call our knowledgeable team!

Benefits of Lower Humidity 

  • Better smelling home — humidity can cause mold and mildew which can create bad smells in your home. If you think that you may have mold in your home as a result of high humidity you should remove all mold first. From there you can use dehumidifying methods to keep your air clean and smelling good. 
  • Home health & lessen allergies — with higher humidity comes more allergens, dust, and mildew. Taking care of humidity will also help take care of these allergens. High humidity can also cause structures within your home to weaken. 

High humidity can cause all kinds of problems for the health of your home and you. Lessening humidity is something you can work on year-round, but especially during the warmer months. AC Masters is here for all of your HVAC system needs and questions! Give us a call to schedule a consulation today (757) 898-2894

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