Benefits of a Central Humidifier

The presence of dry air in your home becomes very apparent during the winter season when outdoor air humidity drops. Dry air is uncomfortable; along with dry skin, it can cause or aggravate respiratory problems and increase allergy symptoms. Dry air in your home can also do more than effect living things, it can draw moisture out of porous materials like antique furniture, wood floors, pianos and other wood items. It also typically feels cooler than humidified air, so you might find yourself turning your thermostat up higher to achieve the same comfort level.

There are two kinds of humidifiers that can help you through the dry winter air. Room humidifiers are small and portable, but they require cleaning and can’t benefit your whole home. Central humidifiers are permanently installed within your central heating and cooling system and can balance the humidity in your whole home without you even thinking about it. 

Central humidifiers are convenient, once they are installed you no longer have to worry about daily filling and adjusting. The system operates with a hygrometer to measure air humidity and automatically humidifies air as your system warms it. The humidified air is distributed as needed throughout your home.

A central unit will distribute humidity when it detects the moisture levels in your home have dropped below the ideal level. This means you do not have to worry about shutting of the unit to prevent over-humidifying, the system will automatically stop adding moisture when ideal levels have been met, unlike room units that typically don’t have a hydrometer that regulates output. Too much humidity can cause an increase in mold and mildew in your home and can actually reduce the quality of your air.

Maintenance for central humidifiers is much easier than in single room units. Room humidifiers require weekly cleaning and descaling to prevent mold and bacteria buildup, whole home units only require cleaning twice a year to remove mineral deposits from evaporated air.

Overall, operating costs of using whole home humidifiers is minimal; they work directly from your household plumbing so you never need to buy distilled water. The water usage on central humidifiers typically adds only cents to your water bill per month. 

The benefits from having a central humidifier are great for both health and comfort. A properly humidified home has healthier air, as moist air can help reduce allergens and the spread of viruses and bacteria through the air. Your comfort levels are sure to increase with a properly humidified home, as humidified air can prevent dry skin, chapped lips, dry throats, and can even help reduce snoring. The added comfort of humidified air can also help reduce your heating costs.

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