Think You Have Completed Your “Spring Cleaning?” But, What If You Haven’t?

What Comes to Mind When You Hear the Well Known Words “Spring Cleaning?”

Typically it is vacuuming, dusting those hard to reach places, or going through your closet and throwing out old clothes. Well, what if we told you that you were neglecting certain parts of your home during your spring cleaning?

  • Water Heater- A lot of people think you can install it and forget it but that is not that case. Your water heater needs to be cleaned too! Why you ask? Because, sediments, which are dissolved minerals, start to settle at the bottom of your tank, and over time this sediment begins to build up. So at least once a year, this sediment should be drained and emptied from your tank. If not, apart from that fact that the sediment is now using up space leaving less room for water to be headed, the sediment also begins to corrode the metal inside your tank. This then causes the bottom of your tank to leak. Apart from shortening the life of your water heater, this also can cause major water damage to your home.
  • Air- Changing your air filter is a must, however did you know that this will not clean your air of majority of the contaminants that are in it? Did you know that according to multiple studies, pollutant air indoors can be up to 100 times higher than pollutant levels outside. Crazy I know. However, as with most things, there are solutions. Improving the ventilation throughout the house and installing a home air cleaner are two very efficient ways to help with that.
  • Air Conditioner- Over time your outside unit is exposed to all sorts of elements. Because of this, it causes the condenser coil to fill up with leaves, dirt, and any other outside objects meaning, don’t forget to cleaning your condenser coil. If you do not, not only are you increasing the potential of an expensive breakdown, but it will also reduce the energy efficiency of your a/c. This only needs to be done once a year and typically spring is the best time considering you will now start running it more due to the warmer weather.

We know these 3 things may seem like a lot so please don’t hesitate to contact A/C Masters so that we can help you with this or any other questions or problems you may have!

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