Split & Packaged Systems

Choosing the Right Split HVAC & Packaged System for Your Home

Just as homes can come in a variety of designs and sizes, so too do HVAC systems. That’s why it’s important to know your options when it comes to choosing the heating or cooling system to fit your   individual situation.

Two of the most common types of HVAC systems on the market today are Split Systems and Packaged Systems. Below you will find a brief description of both these types of configurations, as well as the benefits of each.

What is a Split System?

A split system simply means your HVAC system has components both inside and outside your home. In most cases the interior component consists of an evaporator coil combined with either a furnace or a fan coil, as well as an outdoor heat pump or AC unit (also referred to as a condenser coil). This configuration typically relies on a network of ducts to circulate air throughout the home, which the homeowner controls via a control or thermostat.

What are the Benefits of a Split System?

Split systems offer a few key benefits to home owners:

  • Energy Efficient – Split systems come in a wide range of SEER Ratings, thereby making them a very energy efficient heating and cooling option.
  • Flexible Design The inherent configuration of Split Systems makes them ideally suited for more customized home layouts and designs.
  • Hybrid Heat® Hybrid Heat® Split Systems offer even greater energy efficiency by automatically selecting gas or electric fuel sources based on data collected from the system’s own performance.

What is a Packaged System?

A Packaged System is an HVAC unit that combines all of its heating and cooling functions into a single exterior unit. All of the components are centrally housed inside the unit, meaning the only additional component you need is a control or thermostat as well as any necessary ductwork.

What are the Benefits of a Packaged System?

Package Systems are a reliable and affordable option for many homeowners:

  • Cost Savings – Package Systems are typically less costly to install than a Split System as they only consist of the unit itself as well as a control or thermostat
  • Compact Design – Space saving, compact design means Packaged Systems take up less space than most other HVAC systems.
  • Customizable – Package Systems can come in a variety of configurations and capabilities ranging from outdoor cooling units, to electric only heating and cooling, to combination gas and electric heating and cooling.

When properly maintained, both these systems can keep your home comfortable for years to come. However, if your system ever does have a problem, A/C Master’s professionally trained and certified technicians are here to help.

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