Should You Replace Your Heating System?

Should you replace your heating system? If your furnace or boiler system is older than 15 years, or your heat pump is older than 10 years, the potential benefits and savings to you and your family from replacing your current system with a newer, more energy efficient one average about 20% in heating costs per year. While the average life of a well maintained furnace is about 25 years, replacement may be worthwhile depending … Read More

Lower Heating Costs for Winter

Typically during the winter months, energy costs will increase as you try and stay warm. That doesn’t always have to be the case though! We have provided some five easy tips below that either yourself or an A/C Masters technician can perform to help keep you warm in the winter, while also not breaking the bank. Always replace air filters … Read More

Keith McGowan Profile

Keith McGowan is a service technician who possesses certifications in EPA and NATE (North American Technician Excellence). He also carries a degree in HVAC and Marine Biology. He became interested in the field because of the satisfaction of using his hands and brain to fix problems. His father also made a living n the HVAC field so he followed in … Read More

4 Benefits to Programmable Thermostats

Long gone are the days of thermostats that are only controllable from inside the home. Instead, recent advances in technology have made it possible for homeowners to install programmable thermostats that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection simply by using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Not only does this make things easier if you forget to raise … Read More

Doug Armstead Profile

Doug Armstead is an install apprentice with one year of experience. Doug became interested in the field because his brother in law talked about enjoying the industry and bragged about how much he was helping people. Doug wanted to be apart of something that he could be proud of while also helping people out. Outside of work he loves spending time … Read More

5 Fall Energy Saving Tips

Fall Energy

5 Fall Energy Saving Tips Are you looking to keep your energy costs down during the Fall? You do not need the newest high end equipment system to lower costs your energy costs. What we have provided are 5 fall energy saving tips that you can do to lower your monthly costs during Fall. Open Curtains Open curtains on your … Read More

Lenard Jaderlund Profile

Lenard Jaderlund has been a commercial technician for over 42 years! We are very proud to have his experience and expertise on our team. He became interested in the field because he could work with his hands to get the job done. During his free time, Lenard is the audio and visual technician at his local church. He also is an … Read More

3 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioning systems are the single biggest use of energy in your home. They should be treated like a car, in that they receive regular inspections and maintenance checks. The term ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ does not always apply for your air conditioning system. Make sure you have a reputable and knowledgeable heating and cooling company (*cough* AC Masters) … Read More

Joye “Smitty” Smith Profile

Joye “Smitty” Smith is the Master Electrician here at AC Masters. He handles the electrical work with installs while also servicing backup generators. He has over 44 years of experience as an electrician and holds the Masters Electrical License. Not all electricians hold a Masters license, they are reserved for only the very best in their respected fields. When Smitty is not working, … Read More

Lower Energy Bill – Broken Applicances

Lower Energy Bills – Broken Appliances Fighting high energy costs and can’t find the source? The problem may lie in your household appliances. In addition to HVAC systems, household appliances account for the majority of the energy used in the average home. What’s more, household appliances that are either failing or working improperly, can consume especially high amounts of power … Read More