Are You Keeping Up With Your HVAC Maintenance?

Just like most things in our lives, our HVAC system requires continuous maintenance to ensure that it is running properly. A few maintenance tips and tricks can go a long way to improve your systems efficiency and make sure it is performing at its best and here they are… Number 1- Air Filters. Every air filter is different but it … Read More

How To Heat Without Blasting The Heat

We all want to stay warm in our homes during the winter but blasting the heat, or really, even turning it up just a few degrees can increase our monthly bill more than we would like. The good thing is there are ways to keep your home warm without turning the thermostat way up. Here is how. Use Caulk. If … Read More

Do You Smell What I Smell?

Have you ever turned on your heater after a long break of not using it and realized an odor? What is that smell? Where does it come from? The answer… it is burnt dust. When you do not use your heater for a long period of time dust beings to gather in the air ducts and on the heat exchanger, … Read More

Winter Is Coming- Is your HVAC System Ready?

Okay, so it is not winter yet but it is quickly on its way…is your system ready for it? Heating your home during the winter is one of the highest expenses during those months so making sure you are prepared by keeping up the maintenance and securing its performance is of the utmost importance. Here are a few tips to … Read More

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

*Cue the music…* It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Too soon? NOPE, because it is fall y’all! First off – Happy Hallowthanksmas! The weather is (finally) starting to cool down, the leaves are falling, and we are about to have the best holidays in existence. In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we at A/C Masters want … Read More

History of HVAC

If you are looking to update your old unit, call A/C Masters today!

Storm Preparation for your HVAC Unit

We are in the middle of hurricane season so if you have not taken steps to prepare your unit for possible storms, now is the time! Although the chances of a storm completely destroying your outside unit are low, damage to the unit can occur based on how well you are prepared. We’ve compiled a list of tips to point … Read More

A/C Playlist

It can be tough work as an A/C Master. But if you crank up the right tunes, you can crank out the best workmanship. Here’s the inside scoop on the best songs for HVAC work: Uptown Funk: Too hot, hot damn indeed. Man, that summer heat can get rough. We all know we love our A/C more than our puppies … Read More

Cool as a Cucumber

Summer sometimes means experiencing problems with your A/C unit, whether maintenance issues has knocked out your power or hurricane season has forced you to reset all your clocks. You’re stuck in the blazing heat for what seems like forever. We’ve come up with a few unexpected, but useful ways of keeping cool when your A/C is out of commission! 1. … Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A summer garden can be the perfect backdrop to a family barbeque, or a new crop of fresh veggies for salads whenever you want! But the heat can also get overwhelming, and ramp up the cost of your A/C bill. But those beautiful fresh greens and your fancy garden can also help or hurt your A/C bill. Here’s how to … Read More