Furnace Options

It is the dead of winter and you are wondering why your home is so cold Turning the thermostat doesn’t do anything.  This is a sure sign that maybe your furnace needs repair or needs to be replaced.  Since it is the dead of winter, you will want to take the fastest approach in getting it running again.  You will … Read More

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Fall is Here and the Temperatures are Dropping. It is that time of the year again when the cold weather creeps up on us.  Time to prepare your household for those cold winter months.  By preparing now, you can reduce your heating bills as much as 20%.  Here are some things you can start doing now: Lower your thermostat Check … Read More

Air Conditioning End of Summer Maintenance

As much as we don’t want to see summer leave us, it will.  The cold weather will be upon us in a snap.  And just like everything else that you take care of when the seasons change, you will want to take care of your air conditioning unit as well.  Your air conditioning unit is not usually on your winter to … Read More

Humidifiers….The Benefits and What to Look for When Buying

Humidifiers – The Benefits and What to Look for Before You Buy:   Humidifiers offer a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.  They maintain a healthy level of humidity in your home and help the overall structure of your home.  Many people have allergies and humidifiers can assist in keeping those allergies to a minimum.  Healthy air means … Read More

What Type of Air Conditioning System is Best for Your Home?

Choosing the right air conditioning option for your home can cost you as little as hundreds, up to thousands, depending on what system is best for you.  There are Room Air , Casement Air, Wall Air, Central Air, Mini Split Air and High Velocity Air Conditioning.  We have listed below these different types of air conditioning options. Room Air Conditioning: There … Read More

Cleaner Air with Air Purification

  Cleaner Air with Air Purification One of the most significant factors of your health is the air you breathe.  Indoor air is much worse than outdoor air.  The air inside has no where to go and is confined.  Outdoor air, although is contaminated with many pollutants, there is much more space for the contaminates to move about and be … Read More

Ductless Systems – The Advantages

What are the advantages of Ductless Systems? You will see ductless systems in many places; restaurants, office buildings, and even homes.  They are small systems placed high on the walls and can provide heat and air.  Not many people know much about these systems and what advantages they can provide. Ductless systems deliver air directly to the zone, unlike traditional … Read More

What is NATE Certification?

The Importance of Your HVAC Technician being NATE Certified: Most homeowners never heard of NATE Certification (North American Technician Excellence) or do not understand the importance of their HVAC technician being NATE certified.  The training and knowledge of an HVAC technician can greatly impact the reliability of performed work. NATE certified technicians possess a higher level of training with continuous … Read More

Should I clean my duct system?

We all know that we should replace our HVAC filters on a monthly basis.  However, you may have also noticed that all that dust and build-up in your duct system can get rather disgusting at times. You may have even asked yourself whether or not any of that buildup is affecting you or your family. Though your air filters are … Read More

Beat the Summer Heat with Tips from AC Masters Experts!

Each year, when the sizzling summer heat combines with our infamous Virginia humidity, the use of your AC system(s) can rise to 25 percent or more of your total home energy consumption. Remember too that your air conditioning system(s) uses more energy than any other appliance or utility in your home, thereby making it the most expensive to operate! With … Read More